Energy storage and coal/gas retirements in the US

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EEEIG’s Anadi Jauhari will be participating in a panel discussion on the topic – “Can storage fill the fossil retirement gap?” at the Solar & Storage Finance Summit (Oct 6-8) with representatives from Stanford, Malta and Trina Storage.

“Repurposement” of coal and gas generation assets via new business models, technologies (batteries, green hydrogen, carbon capture and storage) and supportive regulation, to achieve the goal of fully decarbonized grid by 2035, while providing reliability of supply during the transition, promises to be a generational infrastructure investment opportunity.

The US has over 218 GW of coal and 483 GW of natural gas power generation assets – with natural and coal gas generation accounting for 60% of total generation in 2020. As the cost of building new renewables capacity is, or becomes cheaper than operating existing or new fossil capacity, the combination of renewables and new storage technologies can be used as retrofit solutions can help accelerate energy transition.