Emerging Energy & Environment Investment Group (EEEIG) is an investment management and research firm focused on investment opportunities that not only provide above-market financial returns, but also, through an “impact” lens, address societal, environmental and governance challenges in both developed and developing markets.

EEEIG relies on its research-driven investment approach in identifying investment themes and opportunities, combined with its global network of relationships in the industry to leverage its domain expertise and industry experience in its targeted sectors, geographies and investment strategies.

EEEIG’s vision is centered around investing in opportunities that lie at the intersection of sustainability, innovation and impact.

Investment themes underlying such opportunities include climate change, energy transition and decarbonization, sustainable and resilient infrastructure (water, mobility/transport and waste management, and related urban services). Such opportunities are often characterized by business model and technology innovations.

EEEIG has a deep commitment to sustainable development and improving quality of life. Its investment strategies are not only rooted in intentionality and are purpose-driven, but also, underlying its processes is a holistic approach that looks at the broader interests of all stakeholders of an enterprise, and not just of the capital providers.

The EEEIG team employs a diverse set of financial, technical, and operational skills in managing its investment strategies.