Emerging Energy Latin America

Emerging Energy Latin America Fund

EEEIG and a Latam-focused renewable energy project developer jointly developed the thesis for and managed a clean energy mezzanine and equity fund, Emerging Energy Latin America Fund (EELAF).

The fund closed in January 2012 with backing from major global and regional DFIs, plus potential co-investments, and completed its investment mandate in 2016/17 with its final exit.

The fund focused on “greenfield,” small-scale, contracted, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, consistent with the mandate of its anchor LP.

As part of its investment strategy, the fund focused on private equity and infra investment opportunities, with limited development and technology risks, resulting from the buildout of renewable infra, as well as in the emerging infra energy value chains in the region.
The fund benefited from the ESG-assessment frameworks and the climate impact criteria and the related considerations of its multilateral investor base.

One of the key cornerstone investment fund themes was the aggregation of small-scale projects into larger infrastructure oriented asset portfolios to facilitate financing and operational efficiencies.

Its principal investments included energy efficiency and lighting projects with a principal focus on the larger investment grade economies in the region.

The team’s geographic focus was on the larger markets of Mexico, Brazil, and Peru, with local business development presence in the first two markets.